Dane and his mom in the banana stand.

This was a family favorite. Dane and his mom in the banana stand.

Dane Robert Phillips, born Robert Leston Phillips, to Don and Doris Phillips, November 26, 1949. Bobby, as he was known to those as a boy, and young man who ran in a circle of faithful followers of Christ.

His mother, our beloved grandma Doris told the stories of him as a boy growing up on Balboa Island in Newport Beach, CA. Don, his father, owned a small fudge shop, which later, with a little creative innovation created the well known treat of a frozen banana on a stick dipped in chocolate and rolled in chopped peanuts, and as a boy my father would find himself behind the counter of the fudge shop selling banana after banana alongside his mother and father.  He and his best friend Tommy Millette would spend their free time playing in a small junk yard, or wandering the beaches.

As they grew into their adolescence the stories then changed to ones of great spear gun dives for record breaking lobsters. Don passed away while our father was still quite young, only 15 at the time, a loss my father took with him his whole life. He was fortunate to spend his high school years attending Army Navy Academy in Carlsbad, CA, where he was lovely called “Tuna” by his classmates, for his domineering qualities on a long board. He later attended Loyola Marymount University, with a passion in child psychology.

After a brief period of time in college he decided he would like to be his own boss, and soon moved from Newport beach to a smaller and less known beach community Arroyo Grande, CA. There he meet our mother Teresa, in a small congregation at Calvary Chapel. His younger years with Calvary consisted of him being barefoot, hanging out at the Pismo Beach Pier, where he witnessed the Lords Love, Mercy, and Forgiveness to those that would listen. He soon married our mother and had myself, Amber, and my brother Dane named after his himself.

During this time he started his Company named after the Lord, Daystar Industries. He and our mother worked very hard, although his marriage to our mom did not last.  The company went on, one account after another, he was able to invest some of his earnings into custom built homes of his design, a passion of his for many years. As a father of young children he would take us routinely up the coast to Big Sur where we spent much of our time playing on the beach, and hiking in the mountains. He would reflect back to these times as some of the best periods of his life.

As his company grew, so did his dreams, he was an advocate for children, and the most delicate of which being the unborn baby, he would speak out of the right to life for those not yet born. His passions did not stop there, he was always a seeker of the truth, the meaning behind the story, his strong pursuit of perfection, and a love for art.

He meet our step mother, and by all accounts from those that matter,  the love of his life, Jacki. He saw in her a beautiful women, sharp dresser, and huge heart for children and animals. She remained a constant in his life, being there with him in his times of need, when others could not.

Our father had an intensely strong personality, a drive for success that I have not seen before. He will forever be missed for his love for his family, his mother and grandmother lived for him, and we find comfort in the thought of him in their arms in Heaven. I do not believe you are measured by the acts of your last days, but rather a collection of lives passions and love of Christ. Our father passed January 9th 2014.

He was overtaken by pneumonia after complications concerning his lungs. He will be greatly missed by those that have always loved him.

With deep unwavering love,

His Daughter Amber Christine Van Blarigan


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